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Solar simulator

  • HSLP-2000 visible parallel light source
HSLP-2000 visible parallel light source

HSLP-2000 visible parallel light source

  • Product description: HSLP-2000 visible parallel light source

HSLP-2000 visible parallel light source is a high optical power full band light source, wavelength continuous distribution of multi use, wide adaptability, visible light, solar simulated light source, and light source products research field of domestic solar maximum, there are more than 300 domestic and foreign laboratories. In addition to solar cell research, can be used for photoelectric response type device testing, surface photovoltage spectroscopy, biological light, photocatalytic, surface defect analysis, UV irradiation, UV curing, liquid crystal material research, UV photopolymerization, UV fluorescence excitation and other scientific research field. The system can be used alone, can also be used in combination with the analysis of various test systems. The system based on the modular structure to provide customers flexible configuration options. High reliable power supply of the system using our own and combination of different parts can realize the point light source irradiation, irradiation, irradiation Ping Hangguang fiber output various radiation pattern.

Advantages and characteristics

■Integrated design pure imported high reflecting condenser mirror and the bulb, the reflectance of visible light is more than 99%, security light energy concentration ,The output, the effective use of easy to test light.

■ imported radiating module design, extending the service life of the lamp, the limit of up to 6000H.

■ quick replacement of filter design, to be replaced at any time demand filter.

■ supplies Economy: imported lighting a global standard unified, domestic supply stability.

Review of the above features, we can see that, economic, sustainable, practical, efficient, stable, advanced products is the biggest bright spot, with unique applications in Optics Laboratory of highly efficient and stable source of supply and conversion, photochemical reaction, optical imaging system etc..

The product model and source selection:

Technical data


light output power density

10~45 Sun

Radiant Output (Watts)




Working spot diameter


light output form

Circular spot



Window Diameter (mm)





Parallel beam divergence angle

5 °